Epic Articles for Content Marketing

Content marketing works best when the articles created are high quality, in-depth and based on detailed topic research. The so called “epic article” which we create features a minimum of 3000 words and contains lots of data, references and outlinks to authority sites and influencers.

Google LOVES these kind of articles, as do the visitors who read them – they tend to have lower bounce rates, longer time on page and get shared across the social networks far more than shorter articles. Since they typically contain many links to other blogs this provides multiple opportunities for blogger outreach to get backlinks which provides far greater SEO value.

Additionally, they offer plenty of space for embedded lead generation forms and other types of lead acquisition widget, not to mention of course being more likely to encourage a visitor to convert by providing them with such epic quality articles!

Creating epic articles is very labor intensive though and even with the best intentions, most people simply don’t get around to it when they are too busy doing all the other tasks required of them in the busy Startup or SMB environment.

The solution is to simply use our article writing service – we will do all the research, include all the outlinks and write at least 3000 words of original, quality content.