Sysadmin Service for Startups

We have 15 years of system administration experience managing Linux servers, web applications and related technologies, we have worked with apache, mod_perl, mysql, oracle, elastic search, redhat/centos, ubuntu, solaris, svn, perl, php, squid, memcached, bind (dns), sendmail, qmail, nfs, cloud servers (amazon aws), monitoring systems and much more…

We currently offer the following Sysadmin Services for Startups and SMBs:

  • New Centos server basic LAMP setup – $50.
  • WordPress installation/configuration – $50.
  • Install any CMS or other web application – $50 per app.
  • Install an SSL certificate on your server – $50.
  • Setup an rsync based backup system for your Linux server – $50 per server.
  • Ongoing server management, monitoring & updates – $100/month per server.
  • Custom work – contact us to discuss your requirements.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you require root SSH access to work on my server?

A. Typically we would require SSH access and possibly root, depending on the nature of the task.

Q. Can we trust you with our server login?

A. Absolutely. We would not be in business very long if we were up to any nefarious activities!

Q. I’ve lost the login for my server – can you hack in for me?

A. No, not even if you promise that it really really is your server… 😉