Article Writing for Startups

Content Marketing is huge these days because it really works and actually delivers results, in the form of traffic to your site and high quality leads for your business. Even better, content marketing is the gift that keeps on giving, as quality content can keep driving traffic to your site for years to come through social channels, referrals and search engines.

But writing articles is time consuming and time is a precious and very limited resource in a startup where money is tight, human resources are stretched to the max and growth is paramount.

Save yourself the time and headache of producing content regularly for your blogging and marketing needs – we can do that for you with our affordable article writing service for Startups and SMBs!

Need just a single article written? We can do that. Need a new article created every week? We can do that too!

If you need articles every working day of the week – check out our Big Plans page.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will the articles be written by a native English speaker?

A. Absolutely. Always.

Q. How many words are in an article?

A. We guarantee a minimum of 1000 words in every article.

Q. Can I get longer articles written?

A. Sure, we also offer 3000 word Epic Articles!

Q. How much does it cost for a single article?

A. $70

Q. How much for the weekly articles package?

A. $250/month

Q. Do you do the keyword research to decide what article topic to write about?

A. We will of course research the topic before writing, however in this article writing package you must provide the actual topic itself and the primary keywords to include in the article. If you wish us to also choose topics and do all the keyword research and planning for content creation then please have a look at our Content Marketing Service for Startups.

Q. Do you include photos or graphics in the articles?

A. We do not create graphics but if you provide suitable graphics or photos (image licensing is your responsibility) then we can include them when uploading the article to your CMS.

Q. Will you do revisions if I am not satisfied with the article?

A. We work hard to ensure an article is suitable first time and so a major revision should never be required. We will of course be happy to fix any factual or typo errors should any make it through our screening process.

Q. Can I cancel my monthly subscription any time? How?

A. Yes! Any time before the end of the month you can cancel all future rebills. To do so, simply login to your own PayPal account and cancel the relevant subscription there.

Q. Can’t I just go to Fiverr and get an article for $5?

A. In a word, no. Not an article you could use on any serious site anyway. Fiverr is great for many things but quality articles is not one of them – trust me, I’ve tried and the automatically generated gibberish that was returned will never see the light of day. You need to understand that the economics of Fiverr gigs requires that the work can be completed very quickly, basically a few minutes for each gig, and that typically means it has to be automated to a great extent. You really don’t want automated “spun” content on your company site unless Google penalties are something you want to attract!

Q. I have more questions, can I contact you?

A. Sure, simply send an email to questions @ and we’ll get back to you shortly.