Content Marketing Service for Startups

Every business these days needs to engage in Content Marketing to attract new prospects and high quality leads for a price which is actually affordable for a small business. Feeding the ever hungry content machine is no easy task though and takes considerable time and effort.

The solution is generally either to hire someone in-house who can work on content marketing or to outsource the entire process. It is often difficult for a startup or small business to justify the expense of another employee and the value may take time to become apparent so this option of typically not realistic for many SMBs.

Save yourself the time, trouble and considerable expense by having us research and create your articles for your blog and marketing needs – problem solved!

Our content marketing service for Startups and SMBs will provide you with regular articles, unique and well researched for your specific audience, to ensure maximum impact.

Our standard plan includes:

  • One high quality article per week.
  • Research & choose topics (or you can suggest).
  • In-depth research for article content
  • Keyword research to find primary and related keywords.
  • On-page SEO optimization.
  • Embed authority out-links where suitable.
  • Include mentions/links to influencers where suitable.
  • Social research to find what people are sharing most.
  • Article uploaded to your CMS/Wordpress (optional).
  • We share the article links with our followers. (optional)

To get started, simply visit our Plans & Pricing page and choose whichever plan you prefer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will the articles be written by a native English speaker?

A. Absolutely. Always.

Q. How many words are in the articles?

A. We guarantee a minimum of 1000 words in every article.

Q. Can I get longer articles written?

A. Sure, we also offer 3000 word Epic Articles!

Q. How much does it cost for a single article?

A. We do not provide single articles in this service – have a look instead at our basic article writing service if that is what you want.

Q. How much for this monthly plan?

A. $400/month

Q. Do you include photos or graphics in the articles?

A. We do not create graphics but if you provide suitable graphics or photos (image licensing is your responsibility) then we can include them when uploading the article to your CMS.

Q. Will you do revisions if I am not satisfied with the article?

A. We work hard to ensure an article is suitable first time and so a major revision should never be required. We will of course be happy to fix any factual or typo errors should any make it through our screening process.

Q. Can I cancel my monthly subscription any time? How?

A. Yes! Any time before the end of the month you can cancel all future rebills. To do so, simply login to your own PayPal account and cancel the relevant subscription there.

Q. I have more questions, can I contact you?

A. Sure, simply send an email to questions @ and we’ll get back to you shortly.